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Individual Stone: +- – 10 grams
+- – 35 mm x 25 mm x 30 mm

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Name: Aquamarine

Origin:  (1598) from aqua marina, Latin for “sea water” . Aquamarine was the eighth foundation stone in the wall of the New Jerusalem. Used to guard against injury during battle.

Description: A type of Beryl, pale blue and translucent.

Source: Namibia

Healing Properties: Quietens the mind and allows judgmental people to be more tolerant. Clears and stimulates throat chakra. A stone of upliftment and courage, enhancing intuition and relieving stress. Assists with the innate ability to “always be prepared”. Shields the aura and temporarily protects one from pollutants Treats disorders of glands, liver, spleen and kidneys. Excellent for the eyes and improving vision.