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1 Individual Stone: + – 6 grams
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Name: Carnelian

Origin:  (1695) Known thousands of years before the birth of Christ, used in jewellery, particularly signet rings, seals, cameos and scarabs. Verses from Koran have found engraved on this stone.

Description: Part of chalcedony family, ranging from orange, red, red-brown.

Source: India, Botswana, Uruguay

Healing Properties: A symbol of the strength and beauty of our planet. Assists and teaches one to create a unique place in life and utilize personal power. Eliminates anger, fear and envy and encourages love between family members. Provides self-confidence, assisting one in drama and in pursuits related to theatrical presentations. Anchors one into their present surroundings and stabilizes the energy within the home. Assists with positive life choices. A general healer, brings warmth and energy. Used to treat reproductive organs, lower back and arthritis.

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Orange, Yellow