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Chrysocolla Malachite


Individual Stone: +- – 18 grams
+- – 38 mm x 20 mm x 48 mm

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Name: Chrysocolla

Description: Vitreous appearance, vary from blue to green, quiet soft.

Source: U.S.A., Mexico and DRC

Healing Properties: Purifies the home and the environment, dispelling negativity and pollution on all levels. Chrysocolla can achieve this as it has the ability to ionize the atmosphere. It has a strong connection to the Earth, helping one understand that which is required in order for the Earth to heal itself. Aids with speaking one’s truth. Alleviates heartache, allowing for capacity to love. When placed at the third-eye, it initiates powerful visionary experiences. Regulates insulin and sugar levels. Treats arthritis, ulcers and lungs.


Name: Malachite

Origin:  (14th century) From the Greek malakhe, meaning “mallow”, a plant similar in colour. As far back as the Bronze Age, it was used for ornaments and jewellery.

Description: Found in various formations, commonly green with bands and patterns.

Source: Zaire, Zambia, DRC

Healing Properties: Master healer, helps with attaining goals. Promotes honesty, truth and loyalty with self and in business. Releases feelings of resentment and dissolves unwanted behaviours and ties. Treats fractures, growths, tumours and aligns DNA and cellular structure.

Source: South Africa

Healing Properties: This mineral brings the synthesis of Sun and Earth, encouraging stability. Promotes focused, clear thoughts. Balances left and right sides of brain. Allows ones life and one’s passion for life to open and grow.

Golden – Excellent grounding and protective stone. Aids practicality, depression, optimism. Promotes prosperity.

Blue – Eases anxiety, by gaining insight into any area of concern. Enhances night vision.

Red –  Brings awareness of ones personal needs as well as of others.Speeds up a low metabolism.