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Coral Blue Rough


Individual Stone: + – 10 grams

+- 25mm x 25mm x 5mm

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Name: Coral – Red / Blue

(14th century) Symbol of vitality by Tibetans and American Indians.

Description: Comes from the sea. Colour: black, red, white and blue.

Source: South China Sea

Healing Properties:  Represents diplomacy and concurrence. It is said to quiet the emotions and bring peace to within the self. Used to effect inner change for the better. Dispels nervousness, fear and panic. Protects against accidents, acts of violence and theft. Nourishes the blood cells.

Red- Provides for practicality, balancing the material with the spiritual. Eliminates depression and despondency from ones character. Treat hiccups, colic and heartburn.

Blue- Activate and energize the throat chakra. Improves ones communication abilities and help one understand the process of relating to others. Good for liver, pituitary gland and circulatory system.

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