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Dioptase Specimen


1 Individual Stone: + – 31grams
+- 25mm x 35mm x 20mm

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Name:  Dioptase

Description:  Small deep green silicate crystals. Turns black when heated.

Source: Namibia, Zaire, DRC

Healing Properties: Renews love power to heal any wound, however deep or scarred. It rejuvenates the heart’s courage to love even more deeply, with more commitment than ever before. It is here to serve in the transmutation of emotional pain and the transformation of our beings. It strongly promotes living in present moment. It brings an invigorating and refreshing energy to the physical, emotional and intellectual bodies. Excellent for heart chakra, instilling unconditional love and sincere forgiveness. Raises all chakras to a higher level of functioning. Increases the T-cell count, assisting in the treatment of AIDS. Eases high blood pressure.

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