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Emerald Tumble


1 Individual Stone: + – 6 grams
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Name: Emerald

Origin:  (14th century) Known from as early as 2,000 BC, popular with ancient Egyptians. Named the fourth foundation stone in the wall of the new Jerusalem.

Description: Type of beryl, prismatic crystals, dark green colour.

Source: Columbia and Brazil

Healing Properties: Great for business and love success, instilling loyalty within the self and within others. Expands the heart to giving and receiving love, instilling peace, growth and self worth with stability. It is a stone that invites harmony into all areas of ones life. Assists with combining intelligence with discernment, allowing for the choice of “right” action. It enhances the memory and stimulates the use of greater mental capacity. Brings one luck with legal matters. Helps strengthen the eyes, heart, immune and nervous system.

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