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Fluorite Point


Individual Stone: + – 35 grams
+ – 50 mm x 20 mm x 18 mm

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Name: Fluorite

Description: Transparent, cubic formations. Purple, clear, green, blue, yellow.

Source: China, U.S.A.

Healing Properties: Fluorite is one of the most powerful of the New Age stones, for it brings onto the physical plane higher forms of truth. It teaches us to be inter-dimensional and is a symbol of the growth process we are all involved in. It will heighten ones intuitive powers, bring order to chaos and increases concentration. Strong healing stone, bringing flawless health. Assists one with group work. Strengthens teeth and bones. Relieves symptoms of colds and flu.

Blue-inner peace, calmness and serenity

Pink-opens heart chakra, stimulating self-compassion

Purple-stimulates third-eye, bringing commitment to spirit

Green-cleansing and refreshing, diminish mild trauma

Chinese(multi-colour)-communication with intuition, dissolve dis-ease

Yellow-enhance creativity, provide support for pursuits

Clear-stimulate crown chakra, energize the aura