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Quartz Point Rainbow


Individual Stone: + – 65 grams

+ – 30 mm x 55 mm x 25 mm

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Name: Quartz

Origin:  (13th century), from the Greek krystallos, meaning ice. Used in the breastplate of the ancient high priest. Native American Indians, African tribes, Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, Australian, Aborigines, Romans, Celts, Scots and Tibetan Buddhists relied on Quartz to recognise the origin of disease.

Description:  A silicate. Occurs with long pointed crystals or in masses. Cloudy – is a feminine energy and clear – Masculine energy.

Source:  Worldwide

Healing Properties:  A powerful healer symbolising light, clearing and activating energy centres. Is an energy amplifier, stores, transmutes and regulates energy. Harmonises and aligns all energies within and around the body. Assists one to communicate with animals, plants and minerals. Acts as an energiser. Cancels out harmful radiation. Skins, toxins, bladder and immune system.

Rainbow – Teach us how to be multi-faceted in our own unique expression of light. When connecting with this crystal, one realises that nothing, cannot be accomplished or transformed. Assists with depression, anxiety and grief. 

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