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Tourmaline Sphere


Individual Stone: + – 500 grams
+ –  70 mm

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Name:  Tourmaline

Origin:  (1759) Derived from the Sinhalese turamali, referring to mixed colour gems of unknown identity. Was known as a “teller stone” in ancient Eastern Indian culture, providing insight during times of struggle. Used by shamen among African, Native American Indian and Aboriginal tribes, bringing healing.

Description: Shiny, opaque, long striated hexagonal structure. Black, clear, pink, green, blue, yellow.

Source: Worldwide

Healing Properties:  Cleanses and purifies and forms protective shield over chakras. Balances left and right brain hemispheres.

Green – Heals on all levels, especially relieving chronic fatigue and exhaustion. Provides rejuvenating qualities to the wearer, attracting abundance and prosperity.

Pink – Energises and heals with love any emotional pain. Dissolves old patterns, inviting self acceptance. Black – Transforms all negative energies, protects against harmful physical or psychic influences. Neutralises one’s own negative energies of anger, resentment, jealousy, insecurity.

Blue – Promotes peace and harmony within environment. Assists psychic awareness with intuition. Treats lungs, throat, thymus and thyroid.

Clear – Aligns energy centres and meridians. Opens crown chakra.

Watermelon – Stimulating and energising heart chakra, allowing one to release old hurts and experience love.

Yellow – Enhances personal power with spiritual growth. Energises solar plexus chakra. Treats liver, spleen, kidneys, gall bladder and stomach.